Susan, who grew up in San Diego California, began photographing in Guatemala and Mexico in the mid-1970s. She first went to Papua New Guinea in 1982, when she accompanied an anthropologist to the remote Middle Fly area of the Western Province. For three years, she lived in the traditional villages and camps of the sparsely-populated, pristine wetlands and savanna, where the only way of getting about was by dugout canoe or on foot.

Although she organized several exhibitions of her work after returning to San Diego, Susan realized that she had only just begun her affair with Papua New Guinea. Thus in 1990, she took the position of lecturer in photography at the University of PNG in Port Moresby. She later began working as a photographer principally in the mining and petroleum industry, while at the same time, taking every opportunity to pursue her own artistic interests. Susan's professional and personal photography has taken her throughout the country, often staying well off the beaten track with friends and "relatives" for months at a time.

In 2009, Susan returned to the United States, and currently resides just outside of Mobile, Alabama. Although she plans to visit Latin America and Papua New Guinea to photograph and see friends, and is available for assignment, her focus is on working with her extensive and unique, black & white, and color archive.

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With Baby Lynn, Pikosa, Eastern Highlands Province, PNG

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With Manuel Alvarez Bravo, New Mexico 1987
Photograph by Donna Dunn

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